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Lunch & Marketing May 2nd, 2019

Work Free for the day in Miami's hottest Co-working Space, Hear from Experts on Social Media Content and Eat Killer Grilled Cheese

Ampersand Studios via

Thursday May 2nd come learn about how to create engaging content for your social media accounts from a panel of local industry leaders hosted by CaitlinB Marketing at Ampersand Studios.

Hear about how to start out on a shoestring budget, then transition to your first equipment investments and later how to decide when it's time to hire a service.

It will be a fun afternoon with Ms. Cheezious food truck on site to order lunch from and Ampersand Studios is allowing all guests to work at the hot desks for free for the day.

Ms. Cheezious favorites via @mscheezious instagram page

The Panel

hosted by yours truly Caitlin Bendersky

Meet Andy Giambarba who will talk with us about photography for social media...

Andy is in insurance by day and loves helping businesses managing risk as much as he loves coffee – and he loves coffee. If he’s not doing one or the other, he’s probably cooking for or eating with friends. His palate, photography and deep appreciation for culinary craftsmanship have earned him the respect of Miami chefs and foodies alike. Follow him on Instagram

Born and raised in Miami, Katie June Burton left her sunny hometown 10 years ago to pursue her passion for food and photography. She landed in New York City, working in kitchens and at hospitality PR agency, Baltz & Company, where she oversaw content creation for dozens of restaurants across the country. She has been pursuing freelance food and lifestyle photography for the past three years, which led her back home to the ocean. When she's not taking pictures, she's cooking for the ones she loves. Follow her on Instagram

The Media Monsters are beasts at multimedia production including: live streaming, hosting, video production, animation and 3D modeling, photography, and design. They aren't your average monsters however, they are fully equipped with the latest gear and technology, making them the most advanced monsters to cross your path. They all started from the ground up and will share tips for all stages of becoming your own media master.

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** Reserve your space through EventBrite

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