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I'm Caitlin Bendersky.

hey there!

Digital Marketer, Brand Medium, Cheerleader of all Entrepreneurs, 
Lifetime Student, Mama and
Lady who Loves to Help!

welcome to our digital home-base, vision board, classroom and your business growth lifeline.

Painted Greek Island


Experienced marketing director who can bring your new business vision to life or your growing company to the next level.


With accessible strategies and management of all things marketing, we focus on refining your company voice and make it compelling enough to drive awareness and sales through multiple platforms.

Stock Market

What We Do Best

Here are the big categories but there's so much more...

Let's super power your website and usher in new traffic, introduce yourself to potential clients online and guide them to your sales path.

We can create a new site or refresh an existing one and post new content regularly to your site to increase SEO.

Your website will become more likely to be found in searches and establish you as an expert in your industry.

Website Design

Social Media

Alongside your website, your business's social sites are often your first impression and calling card. 

We identify the right platforms your business should be present on and create posting that works to create actual lead generation.

Additionally, we work with maximizing hashtags, finding influencers, commenting and engaging to grow your audience through magnetism all with the intent to have passive viewers become active customers.

Email Marketing

Building and owning an email list to directly interact with your clients and followers is vital to your business.

We create lead pages, opt-ins and events to capture emails and grow your list. Integrating with your website messaging and social media posts we communicate to your tribe directly and with irresistible offers.

Additionally, we create segmented messages to email people message that match where they are in the relationship with your brand.


Freebie to Level Up

Your Business

Launch Your Website


How to Launch your Website in A Day
+ the top 6 things it should include



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Image by Georgia de Lotz
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Where You'll Find Me

CaitlinB Marketing

Ampersand Studios

31 NE 17th Street, Suite 207

Miami, FL 33132

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